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Why Should You Hire A Professional Web Designer? Here are a few key aspects to redesigning your website!

If you were interested in building a new home, would you go ahead and lay its foundation on your own? Or would you look for someone who barely has an idea on interior design to oversee the decoration of your home? Chances are high that most of us would not take that risk. Most of us would go looking for a professional to make sure that we get optimal results. The case is similar when you are building your website. If you barely have an idea on web design, it is important for you to look for professional. A professional web designer is well versed with what it takes to direct your website to its target audience. The first impression of your website is very important. This means that if your website represents your business or company in some professional manner chances are high that you will gain customers that you would have otherwise missed if your website did not have a good impression. If you are wondering why you should hire a professional web designer, read through this article for an insight on some of the reasons why you should do so.


When you are hiring a web designer, he or she should not only be familiar with creating a beautiful image but also familiar with giving you an image that is effective for your company or business. A well-skilled designer should be conversant with the importance of marketing in addition to creativity. For a website to be very effective, it should be highly unique, easy for the eyes to see and have a very easy navigation. In addition, an effective website should load very effectively and work well with majority of the internet browsers. With that, your website is going to be user-friendly and visitors will have a good experience with it.

Save Time

Seeking the services of a professional web designer instead of developing the website all by yourself can help you save a lot of energy and valuable time. In addition, you will be saved from the agony of having to deal with frustrations. There is an array of skills that are required to make highly effective websites. In addition, there are numerous aspects to web development that go beyond just learning the basics of web development such as HTML. An individual who is a professional in web designing should not only be skilled in the design aspect but also stays in the loop in many other important areas such as CSS, communication, marketing, HTML, search engine optimization, photo optimization and JavaScript. In addition, a professional designer should be conversant with languages such as PHP and Flash.

Being a Step Ahead Of Your Competition
Competition never ceases to exist in any kind of industry and many businesses are making use of the internet to gain a competitive edge over others. If you realize that your business competitor have a web presence before you, just know that they are a step ahead of you. However, if you look for a professional web designer to develop your website, you are definitely going to launch a more effective website and as a result you are going to have an edge over them.

Customization/ Uniqueness

If you want to design a website, how will you make it stand out? There are thousands and thousands of websites present on the internet and it is up to you to make sure that yours stands out. Buying a nice template can just appear to be an easy and cost-effective solution. However, the problem is that you risk your website being similar to many others on the internet. In addition, some of the numerous custom features you may require for your website such as forums, galleries, contact forms and some other special scripts may not be available in the pre-made template you are going to purchase. If you build your website with a pre-made template and want to expand it in future, chances are high that you might have to restructure or even rebuild the whole website so as to include the custom features you need. Therefore, if you are concerned about the uniqueness of your website, it is important to hire a professional web designer.

Message Clarity

A professional web designer is an individual who has some great experience in knowing how you can effectively convey a message through your website. These are individuals who are also skilled in marketing and relaying your desired message through shapes, fonts, colors, layouts, eCover graphics, etc. If you want to use these aspects to deliver a message about your business, do not hesitate to hire a professional web designer. You will have a website that is going to deliver a message that represents your website in the best manner possible.

Search Engine Optimization Power

One of the most essential aspects of a website is its presence on search engines. It can be termed useless to possess a great website if it does not show up on the search engine results. The importance of a high search engine ranking is that apart from being free, it is usually the number one way through which your potential customers can discover you in the internet. A professional web designer knows how to develop a website that is going to easily read and rank on most of the search engine listings. It is undoubtedly true that this is the most legal and yet effective way to ensure top rankings for your site.

Browser Compatibility

Browser incompatibility is a scenario that occurs when a website fails to show the same way or appears to be broken to site visitors using different browsers. The reason behind this is that various browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome possess different standards for displaying web pages. A website that seems just perfect in Internet Explorer may seem to be a jumbled mess when displayed on Netscape. Professional web designers bear the skills that help them conversant with what it takes to make a website display properly across multiple search engines. Efficient web designers are going to test your website on multiple browsers prior to getting it live. This is done to ensure that a great deal of individuals on various browsers can see your site in the manner that it should be displayed.

A Worthwhile Investment

Having a professional website gives your business a higher edge that you could not have acquired with a pre-made template website. Your website will turn out to be something that millions of people around the world will view every day. It is important to ensure that your website portrays what you would like the world to see. Although a pre-made website template may appear cost-effective at the beginning, it can be more beneficial if your website hired a professional web designer.

Once you have succeeded in developing a website for your business, you feel satisfied. However, as time goes by, the website may become outdated and there may be need to pull up a new design for your website. When it gets to this, then you will definitely need to redesign your website. This can be for purposes of search engine optimization or optimal visibility on the web. In addition, you might want to improve its impression to internet users. Website redesign is not as straightforward as it may seem and a lot of knowledge is required prior to initiating it. Once your website has fallen behind with obsolete interfaces, you may suffer a reduction in traffic and at the end of it all reduce your business conversion rates.

The moment you realize that your website lacks some good designs, mobile optimization, navigation elements speed, readability, social media integration, performance among much other quality attributes, you should definitely think of redesigning it. With redesigning, you are going to place your website at par with websites with the latest web design attributes. Read through for some of the key considerations in redesigning your website.

  • Mobile Responsive Design and Optimization

The sudden shift from desktop to mobile devices has brought change in the way the web is used. This is a change that has turned out to be multi-dimensional thus corresponding to device specific functionality, device specific design, performance, loading speed and ease of navigation. In relation to mobile responsiveness, you must see to it that your redesigned website:

Fits properly on the different mobile screens and desktops without compromising on content usability or readability

Has a seamless functional output on various devices

Has a faster loading speed because users accessing websites on mobile devices do not exercise patience.

Should be clutter free and have numerous white spaces around the navigation buttons. Since mobile screens are smaller, it is important to avoid clutter if you want to draw attention.

Should have a good navigation, optimal multi-device compatibility and an enhanced accessibility will help engage the users more and let them have more actions resulting into higher conversions for your business.

  • Content Optimization

Despite the great focus on development, design and navigation in this mobile era, content is still the greatest contributing factor to driving traffic to a website and acquiring search engine rankings. Ultimately, content is basically the substance on your website and on which all activities flourish. Delivering the most relevant and credible content should be the first priority for any website. All other development and design excellence are rendered useless for a visitor if he is not able to find the kind of content he was in search of. When redesigning your website, make sure that the content is well structured for faster readability on various devices. This entails the appropriate use of bullet points, paragraphs, sub headings and sections. In addition, various design aspects such as color hierarchy and font size should greatly optimize your website’s content readability on various mobile devices.

  • Social Media Integration

If you have an initiative to redesign your website, you must address social media integration in the most effective way possible. The truth is that a social media presence on your website is going to offer a greater reach to prospective customers. In addition, there are higher chances of you engaging them with your business in various ways. The truth is that any modern website can be termed as unthinkable with the absence of a social media comment and sharing option. Like and share buttons on your website can help visitors spread your content in their circles. As a result more traffic is likely to come in to engage with your website content. In addition, incorporating social media logins on your website allows users to visit the desired web page without having to go through the lengthy and tedious registration process. This increases the overall traffic mobilization in addition to the page footprints.

  • Performance Optimization

In an era where there is a great dominance on mobile web, it is difficult for individuals to show tolerance on a web page that takes more than ten seconds to load. Almost forty percent of visitors never go back to a website they found slow in load speed. Therefore when reshaping and redesigning your website to a modern standard, you should address its performance and speed. To improve your website’s performance, it is important to optimize web files and other element for faster loading. For performance optimization, you must ensure that your website has an appropriate storage space, bandwidth limit and a quality hosting service.

  • Website Analytics

Because of its various design attributes and rich interfaces, a modern website must track performance issues once in a while. Most web analytic tools offer data on the website’s performance alerting you on potential areas you must address. When you are redesigning your website, it is important for you to utilize web analytic tools for an assured optimization and continuous performance. A web analytic tool usually analyzes various aspects about your website and offers solutions that can help fulfill the objectives of your website. Such a tool can help in the identification of non performing areas of your website.

If you are redesigning your website, the above aspects must be optimized if your website is to acquire a modern standard.